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Our Cattery

Carlyn Park Cattery is located a leisurely 5km south of Glenreagh and 6km north of Nana Glen, just off the Orara Way.


Carlyn Park Cattery is fully insulated, with reverse cycle air-conditioning, to maintain optimum temperature. The floor is covered with commercial grade vinyl to make it feel more like home.


Each cat has independent accommodation which is 3m long by 1.5m wide, 3m in height with it’s own personal window to allow for outside viewing of the surrounding gardens and to supply plenty of fresh air and light.


There is a fully enclosed outdoor exercise yard, grassed and shaded as well as a lounge room with TV for your cats comfort to spend the day in if they so chose.


Each room has luxurious bedding, chair with cushion, ramp for the older cats, large scratching post, litter tray and mat on the floor to make your cats stay as comfortable and stress free as possible.


Quality feed provided. You are welcome to bring along your cats own food if you desire.


At Carlyn Park Cattery we pride ourselves on the level of personal attention given to each cat everyday with a designated cuddle time.


Cuddle Time

Here at Carlyn Park Cattery we know how important it is for your cat to feel loved, safe and secure, which is why we always dedicate  one-on-one


time with all our feline guests. Cuddling you cat will help them settle in quicker, it makes them feel safer and make them feel more at home. It also helps to stimulate the salivary glands and encourages them to eat. Some cats take a few days to settle in and start eating but once they do they love it. Of course our staff enjoy cuddling the cats too!!

Dinner Time

Carlyn Park Cattery know what fussy eaters cats can be so you can be asured that the meals


we provide your cat are of the highest quality available. we will always make sure even the fussiest cats will be tempted. .